Article Processing Charge (APC)

Because many authors withdrew their manuscripts in the final form just before the publication fee payment, our policy has changed (26 September 2019). The Publication fee (0 IDR) and processing fee (300.000 IDR) which is paid after a preliminary evaluation (not at the end). Our evaluation has two steps. 1) A preliminary evaluation by the editor (the author gets a preliminary acceptance or rejection); 2) An external double-blind peer review (at this point, the author gets a final decision: acceptance or rejection). Please note that if the manuscript is not published, the author or his/her institution gets the money back (except for poor feedback from authors or withdrawal/rejection due to multiple submissions). We inform the authors about our final decision (acceptance or rejection) in 1-2 weeks after their submission. The average time from submission of the manuscript to publication is 4 weeks. Faster processing involves a tax of priority (500.000 IDR).

Manuscript processing fee: 300.000 IDR; Manuscript processing fee with priority: 500.000 IDR; Publication fee: 0 IDR. Payment processing fees and bank account numbers will be provided when the manuscript is accepted. Please attach a scanned payment document and email it to and Whatsapp.